Here we are

We are a small and local tour company in Krakow. There were six of us: Bart, Dima, Sławek, Damian, Chris, and Eugen. Some of us knew each other from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, some others from the licence guide courses. After three years working together in a big tourist corporation, we decided to create something new and great. As locals, historians, archaeologists, and licensed guides, we wanted to show the real and unusual spirit of Krakow. The core of its existence is history, architecture, local culture, art, and food.

Krakow Explorers has the mission to show everything that`s best in Krakow. We are far from other boring tourist corporations. We do our best to show you Krakow with passion, in a knowledgeable, but still funny and entertaining way! Hard to believe? Read some reviews about us on Google or TripAdvisor. Join one of our Free Tours, be happy, and write your own new review!



Hi everyone! My name is Bartek and very often I introduce myself as Bart, like Bart from the Simpsons show. I was born and raised in Krakow. I studied archaeology and history, but I find archaeology as a nice hobby and for being a history teacher one must have a lot of patience for children, that’s why I became a city guide. I've gone through the special preparation course for professional guides and then I obtained a license to guide in Krakow. So, from March 2015 on I guide people and I love my job! For me, in fact, it is like a mission. Of course I am also a traveler myself and perfectly know that life is too short for a terrible guide. Cheers!


Hi! I’m Emily, and I can’t wait to show you around my second home. I was born in the United States but have been going back and forth from Krakow for a decade now- because you guessed it- my husband was born and raised here.

Last year I decided to stay for good and work on my Polish citizenship- plus finally get to know all my new nieces and nephews.

I cannot wait to show you some of my favorite places, and share some of my favorite stories about Krakow (especially the gossip!). The saddest part of my tour is when we say goodbye! Because I feel like we have become friends along the way.

I Hope to see you soon!


As Indiana Jones said: 'You want to be a good archaeologist... you've got to get out of the library!'. I believe that history can be interesting for everybody, so I will always go the extra mile to break the stereotypes about boring scientists who, as many people believe, are sitting alone in their Ivory Tower. I am sure we will learn a lot from each other! So, let's go to explore Krakow together!


Friends welcome to Krakow! You should absolutely join our team to explore this breathtaking city. As one of the guides I hope to see you, chat to you and share with you my almost seven-year long experience in guiding. Let’s do it together and see you soon!


Hi people, my name is Damian! I am a history graduate of the Jagiellonian University who perfectly knows how to create a great story out of hundreds of boring dates and historical facts. How I learnt to do that? Well, myself I am a professional traveler who visited hundreds of places on Earth and I can surely say I’ve stood in Your shoes! Apart from that I am a big fan of soccer, good food, Polish beer and other stronger spirits. You can often find me enjoying some drinks in the local bars which are usually overlooked by most of tourists. Don’t forget to ask me about the best bars when we are finished with the historic part of Krakow!