This can be a good alternative for you if you are looking for very interesting and unusual tours in Krakow. Our guides will present you the dark history of Poland and Kraków of the XX century.

We will start our discussion from the year 1939 when Poland was betrayed, and attacked by the Third Reich and Soviet Union. You will see Kraków WWII sites, photos, and history which still live in our people.

Liberation of Kraków which brought another regime-Communism. Our EXPERIENCED GUIDES will tell you histories of the people who struggled with everyday life, full of hopelessness and fighting for better tomorrow. Creation of Solidarity, Lech Wałęsa and our victory, which brought freedom in 1989 to Poland and gave a chance to other post communist countries.

Poland betrayed! The Nazi-Soviet invasion of 1939 was only the beginning of an unexpected terror. The hatred toward anything that was Polish and anyone that resisted was uttermost. After The WW II The New World Order was introduced. For Poland it was only the start of The Soviet occupation and for many it was the end of hope for freedom. During this Tour we will tell you about the cruelty of occupants, the resistance of the brave and their suffering when hope was taken away…


  • Adolf Hitler’s square
  • The Palace Under The Rams
  • St. Franciscan basilica
  • Former st. Michael’s prison
  • The SS-commander’s assassination spot
  • The communist style architecture
  • Social realist cinema & hotel
  • Cracovia football stadion
  • “Błonia”
  • John Paul II footsteps
  • The Milk Bar
  • The former Jewish street
  • The Jagiellonian University
  • The Szczepański Square
  • “Solidarity” office

START – Mon & Fri at 11.00 AM

DURATION – aprox. 2h

PRICE – based on donations


The meeting place for all tours is St. Mary’s Church on the Main Market Square.
Look for guides with an ORANGE umbrella.

Rynek Główny 4
31-042 Kraków
In front of St. Mary’s church