Join the evening free walking tour and feel the thrill! You will hear real and MACABRE stories about the dark side of Krakow’s history. There were times, days and places in Kraków that witnessed the worst crimes ever committed by evil people that manifested all of the deadly sins in themselves. Rapist, murderers, man eaters who walked along the streets of Krakow. Let us tell you about some of them, show you where they committed their crimes, follow their footsteps… This walk with the dead will not be just another ghost tour. It will be the history of crime brought to life by our experienced guides.

Join us for this unforgettable experience in KRAKOW!

Krakow – the city of beauty and glorious history! Nevertheless, no one should be deceived by its outward appearance. This city hides its dark side carefully. Do you want to learn about the medieval “entertainments” in Krakow or about the crimes too cruel even for the Nazis?

During this walk we’ll focus on serial killers, maneaters, and untold secrets which for many remain a taboo even till these days… If you find controversial topics interesting, this tour is tailored specially for you! We challenge you to explore the dark and shameful side of Krakow with us.

START – every Tue & Thu at 18:30

DURATION – aprox. 1,5h

PRICE – based on donations


The meeting place for all tours is St. Mary’s Church on the Main Market Square.
Look for guides with British umbrella.

Rynek Główny 4
31-042 Kraków
In front of St. Mary’s church