Price starting at 450 PLN per group*

Kraków – the city of beauty and glorious history! Don’t be deceived by its outward appearance, this city hides its dark side carefully. Do you want to learn about “medieval entertaiment” in Kraków? Or about the crimes too cruel even for the Nazis?

During this tour we’ll focus on serial killers, cannibals, and other untold secrets that remain taboo even today… If you find gryzzli topics interesting, this tour is tailored for you! We challenge you to explore the dark and shameful side of Kraków with us, where history meets mystery.

  • 1.5 hours tour
  • This tour includes plenty of creepy stories you won’t hear on any basic
  • tour in Kraków
  • Let’s keep it a secret, what exactly will be presented on the tour
  • Live guide
  • Audio system available on request Adjustable group size*
  • Adjustable group size
    *The tour can be tailored according to group’s preferences