Price starting at 450PLN per group*

This is a one-of-a-kind tour in Kraków dedicated to the history of Jews in Kraków before, during, and after WW2. The Jewish Quarter is where Jews have been living for more than five hundred years. We will explore places easily overlooked, speak at length about one of the oldest synagogues in Europe, learn about the ritual bath house, and visit the 17th century Jewish cemetery. You’ll learn how 10% of all European Jews came to live in Poland before the war and what their lifes were like. Besides, we will discover the truth about Oscar Schindler, the Nazi businessman who saved more than a thousand Krakow Jews. Finally, we will conclude our tour in the former Jewish Ghetto which was established by German Nazis.

  • The Old Synagogue
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • The Jewish Cemetery
  • Schindler’s List filming locations The Jewish Ghetto
  • The Ghetto Heroes Square
  • Bridge of Love and much, much more.
  • 2.5 hours tour
  • Live guide
  • Audio system available on request Adjustable group size**
    **The tour can be tailored according to group's preferences
    **The prices are quoted net.