Price starting at 180 PLN per person (beer samples included) + guiding service*

“Na zdrowie!” means “Let’s drink to your health”. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?! Is vodka Russian or Polish? What exactly is vodka? How do you drink vodka like a Pole? And many other questions will be answered during this sobriety-free tour. Learn how vodka is made and how to make vodka at home. What is the best snack to serve with this heaven-made drink. Hear some drunk stories from your SPIRITual guru (your guide). Visit iconic places where history is colored with vodka, and most importantly, find out how to get back to your hotel after the tour! Your guide will help you.

  • 3 hours tour
  • Slavic Guide
  • Legendary bars of Kraków
  • Famous shots of vodka in Kraków Best snacks with vodka (ogórek
  • kiszony, śledź, tatar)
  • Historical and cultural facts about the city
  • Sobriety is not included in the tour
  • *The tour can be tailored according to group’s preferences