Walking tours of Kraków – what is there to see?

Kraków is a city that is really worth exploring. You will be impressed by its royal history and rich cultural heritage. Our tours of Kraków will give you the opportunity to learn about this place during pleasant walks. To admire the local architecture and listen about the periods of magnificence, as well as the least glorious times in the history of the city. Do you want to know which café was visited by Fryderyk Chopin or to see the old Polish synagogue? Or maybe you are more interested in the story about serial murderers and dark secrets of Kraków? Walking tours of Kraków with our team will introduce you to all these topics, and during the tours you will learn much more interesting facts.

Four excursions around Kraków – there’s something for everyone

For those who want to discover Kraków with us, we can offer four trips. Three of them are free of charge (afterwards you can reward your guide with a tip). Fees are charged only for the fourth route, which is a walk around Kraków’s pubs and restaurants. This is because it involves tasting a large number of Polish delicacies and drinks. Our other sightseeing tours of Kraków are: Old Town, Jewish quarter and the Sin City. Each sightseeing route provides participants with a unique experience, and our guides make sure to convey historical information in an interesting way. As a result, our groups of tourists are able to really feel the spirit of the city and their further stay in Kraków is spent in greater awareness of this geographical area. The events from the past presented by us are often something new for visitors to the city, so after a trip they gain a new perspective on Kraków.

What is the main strength of Kraków Explorers?

Our advantage is our great passion for history and fascination with Kraków. Participants of our trips often mention that we were able to provide them with historical knowledge in a really interesting form. This is the advantage of our diverse personalities, but also of our guides’ common interest in the history of Kraków. When showing our city to visitors, we always put into it a lot of energy and heart, so walking tours around Kraków are not just boring walks from one point to another, but fascinating journeys through history.

Who chooses our walking tours of Kraków?

There are people of all ages and corners of the world participating in our historical walks. We are very happy about it because we love to pass on our knowledge and meet new people. While creating our tours of Kraków, we tried to collect all that is most interesting in terms of history and culture in this city. Each of the sightseeing routes is therefore a kind of condensation of adventures. Although choosing Kraków Explorers is connected with quite a lot of walking, it does not cause any problems in exploring the city even for older participants. During the tour there are many stops, during which we introduce the participants to the history, and make sure that the tempo of the tour is not too intense for anybody. Each group of visitors is different, which is why we pay a lot of attention to the needs of our participants. If you are in Kraków for the first time or you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know its history better so far, we encourage you to join us on our walking tours.


Free walking tours in English Old Town: Mon-Thurs 10:15 Fri-Sun 10:15 and 15:00 Meeting Point: St. Mary’s Basilica on the Main Square with the guide holding an orange umbrella. Jewish Quarter: Mon-Thurs 15:00 Fri-Sun 11:00 and 15:00 Meeting Point: The Old Synagogue at 24 Szeroka Street in Kazimierz with the guide holding an orange umbrella.

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In front of St. Mary’s church