What is a free walking tour? It is a concept invented in Berlin, which has become one of the most popular tourist’s activities worldwide. One man decided to change tourism forever. He said “join my tour, and you can PAY-AS-MUCH-AS-YOU-WISH”. Usually, you must pay for the guided tour in advance. On the Free Tour, the guide lets you decide how much you would like to spend on the tour. There is no price set up. Krakow has beautiful architecture and amazing places to visit, but with the local guides everything gets funnier, better, easier to find, and comprehend. Anyone can join, and be sure that the guide will do the best he can. If you would like to know what to do in Krakow, you should start with our Free Tours!


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In here you will find an offer of other activities MUST DO in Krakow. It is very simple to book it, choose one, or few tours below. Click on one of the tours. On the right side, next to short descriptions, you will find a calendar with availability and price. Keep in mind that according to the Auschwitz Memorial Camp Museum authorities, the tour has to be booked 3 days in advance!

Welcome to Krakow –  the city of Polish kings,
marvelous architecture and glorious history.

We, the Krakow Explorer’s team, challenge you to join our tours that were tailored specially for those people who want to experience the premium quality excursions. Our team consists of professional licensed guides, historians and archaeologists who know every crook and cranny of the former Polish capital. Our goal is to make every person, who sets his foot in Krakow, fall in love with this city.

Are you curious if we manage to do it? Sign up for our free walking tours and get to know the mysterious nooks and crannies of Kraków. With our guides you will have a great time getting to know the fascinating history of the city.


What is this all about?

You don’t pay for a ticket. The tour is based on tips.

A team of professional guides will show the best of Krakow.

You can show your appreciation at the end by simply tipping your guide.